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Experts warn coronavirus crisis could lead to more cancer deaths

Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, it was reported that every 2 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, every 7 minutes someone will have a heart attack, and every 12 minutes someone will have a stroke. These are undeniably worrying health statistics, but now experts Professor Harry Hemingway... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

How to buy life insurance and get it right

As parents, we want to see our children grow up happy, healthy, safe, secure and successful. The thought of not being there, and the effect that would have on them, is almost too distressing to think about. However regrettably, a parent of a child under 18 dies every 22 minutes... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

How old should you be to get life insurance?

I often get asked, “what is the right age to buy life insurance?” and I reply, “the right time to buy life insurance should not be based on your age… it should be based on your need. Few people rush out to buy life insurance – it’s not a glamorous... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Is It Time To Review Your Life Insurance?

Making sure you get the most appropriate life insurance cover for your family’s needs is one of the foundations of our business. Having sufficient life insurance protection could mean financial support for your loved ones if the worst should happen. Many factors come into play when determining the “proper level”... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Are Funeral Plans Worth The Money?

Funerals can be expensive and these days many people are choosing to ‘pay now, die later’ to spread the cost. But does buying a funeral plan save you money? At the time of writing this, the Money Advice Service says that a funeral arranged in the usual way costs on... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Your Child’s Tomorrow – Talking About Their Future

All of us want the best for our children, but as they get older and they strive to be more independent (and we try to prise them away from their phones or iPads) it can get more difficult. You soon realise (if you haven’t already) that it is not about... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow