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Critical Illness


Critical Illness

Critical illness cover could be your lifeline.

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Correct on 20.03.2024. Prices per month. Quotes based on 40 year old, non smoker - level term life insurance for £150,000 over 20 year term.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover pays you a tax-free cash lump sum if you are diagnosed as having one of the illnesses specified in the policy such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer and many more.

This payment can help with care costs, medical bills, or even travelling abroad for treatment and is often combined with life insurance for extra peace of mind.

Essential Insurance can also offer policies that will protect your children at no extra cost.If your child is diagnosed with one of the listed illnesses, or is admitted to hospital with long term physical injuries following an accident, a partial payment could be made and the money can be used to provide financial support and provide a valuable lifeline.

Not all critical illness policies are the same. Let our team search and compare policies from our leading UK insurers and help you make a decision about which cover is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically a critical illness policy covers in the region of 40 different illnesses.It is usual for major conditions such as heart attack, heart surgery, cancer, stroke, dementia and major organ transplants to be included within a policy.
However, this varies by insurer - as different insurers will specify the level of severity of the condition that they will cover.Our advisors will listen to your needs and talk you through your options to get the right level of cover for you.

Generally any alcohol or drug related illness is excluded, as are pregnancy related and pre-existing conditions.
Exclusions vary from insurer to insurer, so speak to one of our experts for advice and clarification.

Terminal illness cover is usually included on life insurance policies at no extra cost.
It could pay out your chosen amount of cover if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a life expectancy of 12 months or less, rather than on your death.Critical illness cover is available when you buy your life insurance at an additional cost.
It's designed to pay out your chosen amount of cover if you're diagnosed with one of the policy's specified critical illnesses during the term of the policies.

Life insurance policies can be placed in trust, even when they include critical illness cover.Putting your plan in trust can help protect your beneficiaries from inheritance tax or help to avoid a lengthy probate process. This means that in most cases the people that you want to benefit from your policy will do so quicker.