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Should you be financially prepared for serious illness?

For many people the global pandemic has been a harsh prompt of our own mortality and why it's important to look after your health and well-being. Being diagnosed with a critical illness is not something anyone likes to think about, but the pandemic has served as a bitter reminder of... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Protecting your family’s future in times of crisis

As we meander our way out of the pandemic towards a state of near normality, who'd have thought that we would fast forward straight into the path of yet another crisis that will cause us to question once again how can we protect our families? This weeks news is of... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

NHS backlog: are we heading for a second health crisis?

Recent weeks have hailed the COVID-19 vaccination programme a huge success and we’ve seen that the vaccine has weakened the link between cases, hospitalisation, and death. Nevertheless, charities and health organisations have warned the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a "catastrophic" impact on NHS services - as the number of... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Safeguarding your company assets: protect your people

Business owners are well accustomed to operating in dynamic risky environments, and will undoubtedly experience difficult times along the way – and now, triggered by the global pandemic, threats to business stability have multiplied. Business continuity plans have been thoroughly tested and companies are making changes to their operations as... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Insurers will pay out £2.5bn for coronavirus claims made in 2020

According to the latest estimates from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) its members expect to pay up to £2.5 billion for Covid-19 insurance claims incurred in 2020. Previously we reported that Lloyd’s had estimated a £500 million cost of UK Covid-19 claims, taking the current overall estimate up to... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Putting your life insurance in trust

Your life insurance policy is a significant asset and putting your life insurance in trust is one of the best ways to protect your family’s future - because it allows you to manage the way your beneficiaries receive their inheritance. What is a trust? Your life insurance policy can be... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Essential Insurance proud sponsors of Beechwood Cancer Care ‘Messy Play’

We are delighted that that Essential Insurance will be Beechwood’s ‘Messy Play Sponsor, 2021’. This will enable Beechwood Cancer Care Creative Arts and Therapies Practitioner to purchase all the relevant materials required for therapeutic ‘messy play’ sessions. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has left the economy in serious financial... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

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