Timing Is Everything

How much time it usually takes to set up your life insurance. One of the most common questions about life cover is how long does it take to set up a policy? The timing it takes from when you apply to when you are covered can vary depending on many... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Family Medical History: Go Through With a Fine Tooth Comb

Declaring your families’ medical history to your insurer. Death can be a pretty sensitive subject. Insurance underwriters may seem to be cold-hearted, sizing you up and calculating your life expectancy, and charging you more if there’s greater risk that you will die early. Unfortunately, that’s how life insurance works. Your... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Put Your Trust In a Trust

‘Writing in trust’ explained. Writing your policy in trust is one way to keep your money safe from the taxman; doing otherwise can result in your money falling into the clutches of HMRC. Under normal circumstances, if you die your life insurance forms part of your estate and may therefore... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Weird Factors That Affect Your Premiums

Does what it says on the tin. There are many different factors that can affect how much your life insurance policy will actually cost you. Like, did you know that your postcode is one of them? Certain postcodes, for example inner city areas, deem people ‘unhealthier’ and therefore have a... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Why Life Cover?

A few reasons why life insurance is a becoming must. Buying life insurance can be one of the best financial steps that you take for you and your family. If you have children, or anyone financially dependent on you, you’ll want to ensure than you’re insured. According to the Association... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow

Welcome to Essential Insurance!

Welcome to our blog! Here at Essential Insurance we specialise in helping you get the best deal on life insurance. Essential Insurance provides cover for your family and loved ones in the event of your death. We compare policies from over 30 leading providers and will be there every step... Read More button-arrowbutton-arrow